1. Referral Discount

1.1 Members who refer new members (who have never previously been a member of the club), and who successfully join Araluen Golf Resort (under any membership category), are entitled to a 5% rebate from their existing membership.

1.2 Rebate to be paid out in the form of voucher to be used on F&B (other discounts do not apply);

2. Arrangements with Araluen Golf Resort are to be welcomed for members to host functions/events at the Resort with preferential pricing and room hire rates.

3. Members will have access to the Locker Rooms and an exclusive single locker for their personal use. An Administration Fee of $30 will apply as a Key Bond.

4. The Ladies Open Day and Senior Men’s Open Day events are promotional days.

4.1 No green fees are payable;

4.2 Cart fees are $60 per cart for single use, or $30 each for a shared cart;

4,3 Araluen Country Club Inc. will supply prizes and promotional materials to maximise patronage of Resort facilities;

4.4 Food will be catered by Araluen Golf Resort at a minimum of $25 per head;

4.5 All beverage must be supplied by Araluen Golf Resort;

4.6 All beverage on Drinks Carts (soft drinks and water only) will be available for sale by Araluen Golf Resort. Alcohol can be purchased in the Club House.

5. Options for use of Araluen Golf Resort golf carts as identied under membership categories.

6. Araluen Golf Resort agrees that members on a ‘Pay-as-you-Play’ (PAYP) Membership who decide to change and play under Full Membership would be able to offset their original PAYP joining fee coming o the Membership Fee.

7. All Members must provide valid Driver’s License prior to tee-o. As the Carts must pass public roads, no players without a valid license may drive the Carts. If a Member is seen or witnessed to have driven a cart without a license, that Member will be suspended for 3-months for a rst oence without refund. A second oence will result in immediate membership termination without refund.

8. The Vines Reciprocal Agreement: As agreed between The Araluen Golf Resort and The Vines Golf Resort, the following reciprocal arrangement is in place for the period 1st July 2020 thru to 30th June 2021; This agreement is reviewed on an annual basis.

8.1 Members Guest Green Fee & Cart Hire Fee: $50 O-Peak Time | $70 Peak Time

8.2 Players must call in advance a minimum of 7 days and must show their membership card on the day of booking. No Card, No Play.

8.3 The maximum number of plays is twice a month for both membership parties at each facility.

8.4 All Araluen Golf Resort Members are included.

9. This document has been created for the sole purpose of marketing and promotion of the Araluen Golf Resort Membership 2020-2021 season. It cannot be replicated, re-produced or edited without the signed written consent of the Araluen Golf Resort. © Australian Copyright Council 2020.